What is Space Bandits?

Space Bandits is where you can find the stories of incredible space founders and what they’re working on!

Specifically, the focus is on young but fast growing space businesses that will most likely become the Microsofts, Apples, Googles and Amazons of space. Many of them are even making it more probable for humanity to become multi-planetary!

Who runs Space Bandits?

Me! Sarwech 👋 Come say hi on Twitter or send me an email on sarwech.shar@gmail.com.

Are these real interviews?

Yes! Each interview is a real conversation with the answers coming from either a founder or co-founder of the startup. I try to send out a few a week so make sure to subscribe to know when new interviews are out.

What’s with the name? Where did the idea come from?

Honestly? No real reason! It just sounded cool.

This idea stemmed from an Instagram page I started in July 2018 focusing on space startups and the steps we need to take to become multi-planetary. I used to do profiles of founders doing interesting things and then decided it would be great to actually interview them and put that all in one place.

I’m a founder doing cool things in space. How do I get featured?

Awesome! Just go to this page to submit your details and I’ll be in touch :)

Can we sponsor or advertise on Space Bandits?

You can shoot me an email about sponsorships and advertising on sarwech.shar@gmail.com.

What's this awesome background?

It's an illustration by designer Jarod Octon paying tribute to NASA. Their amazing achievements have inspired so many of us!

How did you build this site?

The site itself is built with Webflow, an easy to learn website builder.

The forms to submit startups or interview requests are built in Airtable.

For analytics, we use Nocodelytics.