Applied Ion Systems LLC

Applied Ion Systems (AIS) aims to lower the barrier of entry into electric propulsion through the open development of low cost propulsion systems for nanosats and picosats. AIS works closely with the community to specifically provide propulsion solutions catered to the majority of teams that cannot afford standard propulsion systems on the market. AIS actively researches all forms of electric propulsion, with emphasis of simplified design, accessibility, modularity, and rapid prototyping through its unconventional approach. AIS also provides resources openly to the educational, enthusiast, and research communities, showing how propulsion systems can be designed, built, and tested with extremely limited resources. Founded in 2019, AIS has delivered three micro-PPTs for orbital demonstrations in its first year, two of which planned for flight aboard the GENESIS PocketQubes at the end of 2020, with additional developments in ionic liquid electrospray technology and experimental fuel delivery for plasma and ion thrusters.

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  • Founder: Michael Bretti

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  • Applied Ion Systems LLC

  • Low cost electric propulsion systems

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